Poster presentation

The posters presents an opportunity to publish late-breaking results, technical descriptions, smaller research contributions, works-in-progress and student projects in a concise and visible format. Posters will be displayed in a designated poster session, providing presenters with an opportunity to engage in discussion with other attendees around their research.

We welcome posters covering all aspects of diversifying biological resource including, but not limited to:

Three outstanding posters presented by students will be selected for awards from the organizers.

Abstract Submissions

Authors are required to submit an abstract. Poster abstracts should be a maximum of two pages in the format, clearly describing the research questions addressed, results and discussion. As the abstract may be viewed without the poster, this should be written to stand alone as an independent submission.

Please send the completed abstract to

    Dr. Tohru Ariizumi (Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba)


    The deadline for abstract submission is October 31, 2013 .

Poster guidelines

Poster presentations provide an opportunity for interchange of ideas between the presenter and audience interested in his/her study. The poster should be outlined so the research can be understood without an oral explanation as a poster will also be viewed when the author is not present.

Poster bord dimension: 90 cm x 180cm [Horizontal size x Vertical size]

Each poster board is numbered sequentially in the room/area of the session. Locate your assigned poster board and assmemble your poster in the hour preceding the session. Pushpins will be provided in the room/area.

Please disassemble your poster at the end of the symposium. Any materials left on the poster board at the end of the symposium will be removed and discarded. Organization team will not be responsible for posters left at the end of the symposium.