Nov. 20


Opening address:

Dr. Kyosuke Nagata (President of the University of Tsukuba)

Dr. Akira Shibuya
     (Director, Promotion Committee of Young Researchers Development)

Dr. Tohru Ariizumi (Chair of the Symposium)

Session I: Genetic potential contributing for food production (Chair: Dr. Tohru Ariizumi)

Keynote lecture I:
Heterosis for flower production and the dynamics of meristem maturation

Dr. Zachary Lippman (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA)


Whole genome analysis for identification of gene expression changes in two Arabidopsis ecotypes and their reciprocal hybrids

Dr. Hiroshi Shiba (Ibaraki University, Japan)


Genome-wide gene expression profiling reveals a role of brassinosteroid and ethylene for auxin-dependent fruit set in tomato

Dr. Yoshihito Shinozaki (University of Tsukuba, Japan)


Coffee break

Session II: New biological resources for food security (Chair: Dr. Zachary Lippman)

Keynote lecture II:

Germinating an idea, how hormone signaling can improve wheat

Dr. Camille M. Steber (Washington State University, USA)


The utility of transcription factors in improving the tolerance of crops to abiotic stress conditions

Dr. Junya Mizoi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)


Incest avoidance applicable in hybrid seed production

Dr. Go Suzuki (Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan)


Development of induced mutant resources for functional genomics of tomato

Dr. Tohru Ariizumi (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

16:40~17:40 Poster session (Laboratory of Advanced Research D, 1F entrance hall)
17:40~18:40 Banquet (Laboratory of Advanced Research D, 1F entrance hall)

Nov. 21

Session III : Floral genetic resources and diversity (Chair: Dr. Daiki Mizuta)

Keynote lecture III:

Development and commercialization of novel flower colour varieties by genetic engineering

Dr. Yoshikazu Tanaka (Suntory Holdings Global Innovation Center Ltd., Japan)


Ipomoea genetic resources involved in floral organ development

Dr. Eiji Nitasaka (Kyushu University, Japan)


Genetic diversity of chalcone synthase and linkage with flower color pattern phenotype among horticultural and wild Petunia spp.

Dr. Masayoshi Nakayama (NARO Institute of Floricultural Science, Japan)

10:40~11:00 Coffee break
Session IV : Management of biological diversity (Chair: Dr. Kiyokazu Kawada)

Keynote lecture IV:

Towards sustainable management of biological diversity for food security

Dr. Inocencio E. Buot, Jr. (University of Philippines Los Baños, University of the Philippines Open University, Philippines)


Sustainability of agricultural production and rural landscape for wildlife diversity

Dr. Shori Yamamoto and Dr. Yoshinobu Kusumoto (National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan)


A biodiversity loss caused by multipurpose agricultural utilization of steppe in Inner Mongolia

Dr. Kiyokazu Kawada (University of Tsukuba, Japan)

12:40~14:00 Lunch time
Session V : Animal genetic diversity (Chair: Dr. Shinya Watanabe)

Cattle genetic diversity and breed identification based on DNA markers

Dr. Hideyuki Mannen (Kobe University, Japan)


Animal cloning in Japan: current status and possible applications for animal production

Dr. Shinya Watanabe (NARO Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, Japan)


Induced pluripotent stem cells from pigs and other domestic animals

Dr. Toshihiko Ezashi (University of Missouri-Columbia, USA)

15:40~15:45 Announcement of the best poster awards
15:45~15:50 Closing remarks (Dr. Tohru Ariizumi)